This is the before dyno sheet.

The following sheet was from the 1st version of the stroker/variocam engine. I'm not really happy with the numbers, 314 hp & 353 torque, but the performance is staggering.  Interestingly enough we lost power when we activated the intake resonance flap.  This run was with the stock 2 inch exhaust, where spintech mufflers replaced the factory resonators, with an RMB.    I think my cam timing is off.  Its the only explanation for the dismal hp numbers.  When the Variocam was activated we picked up 16 ft lbs of torque, so my idea works, but the cam timing is going to take some work.  My goal is to put some miles on it, as its a totally different car, and I finally got the alignment done, and it handles quite a bit better..... and maybe in the spring do some work on the cam timing when after the 2.5 inch exhaust is on the car, so we can see where that helps out.

Current numbers are: (as of Nov 8th 2005)

424 torque & 408 HP at the ground.  This is with the stock exhaust manifolds and the 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust that I built.  I was not able to get a dyno sheet at the time as the computer on the dyno gave up the ghost the day after my dyno runs and the printer was down the day that we made the runs.

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