The factory S4 intake has long been recognized as a restriction in 6.4 liter engines. I had wanted to go with one of Louie Ott's ITB setups for a long time but none were available.  I finally ran across one that had never been used, and got a really good deal on it, so here I am.  This is obviously a mock up on a table without the block.  I did this just so I could get a feel for the angles and mounting points as I devise an air box solution. This intake system and cam solution should yeld close to 600HP and 550FT LBS of torque when measured at the rear tires. Using a typical 15% loss ratio calculated for drive train loss that would be near 700HP measured at the crank.








Block  Heads & VarioCam     MoTeC M48 Pro  Suspension  Cosmetic