Phil Tong's orignal

This one started it all.  This was the first 928 website that I found while looking for a 928.  I was definitely inspired by the photo's of all the nice sharks!

Chris Ford's 928 S4 

This website inspired me to do my own.  Keep searching!  There are new 928 related websites appearing all the time!

If you own a 928 you need to be a member of this organization.  It's organizations like these that help us keep these great cars on the road.  They also provided me with a place for my website on short notice, and you have to love that!


The place to socialize, and learn about your favorite Marquee~  



The following vendors I have done business with, and was very happy with their products and services.  Unfortunately I get quite a few requests for me to add a link to businesses that I have not worked with.   I decided a long time ago, that I would only place links on my site to businesses that I was happy with my interactions with them.



We are lucky enough to have a 928 dedicated biz right here in North Texas.   Excellent prices on parts, (new & used) service and great customer focus.   If you live here locally and don't know Roger, you are missing out.  If you don't live here, give him a call!


928 International

This is the world's 1st 928 dedicated dismantler!  If it belongs on a 928 they probably have it, new or used!  Excellent online store, for those of you who like to do that late night shopping.....        Mark, Jim & Tom are a great wealth of knowledge, and go above and beyond the call of duty.  I could not complete my 5 speed conversion without them.  You can't go wrong buying from them!         


Another one of the 928 dedicated part sources, excellent website, great prices, not to mention the leading innovator of new 928 accessories!  New online store as of 1-1-05~!   Dave and Jeannie are great to deal with.


MoTeC Engine Management Systems


High performance Catalytic Converters


Stainless exhaust fabrication and parts.


Porsche Service, parts and local PCA Swap meet every spring and fall


The local dealer... Great deals on parts, service and accessories.


This is the only place that makes crank scrapers for the 928~!  Tell Kevin I sent you~!