In May of 2007 on my way to a local 928 event I was rear ended.  The guy hit me hard enough to cause damage to the roof of the car.

The paint couldn't be matched perfectly due to changes in the materials since the car was originally painted. Insurance was only going to cover painting the rear bumper cover, as well as part of the rear quarter panels, and the roof.   I decided that since I was paying for a complete paint job, I may as well have GTS quarter panels installed so I can get wider wheels in the rear.  The goal is to squeeze in 18x12 wheels.  18x11's are commonly installed on S4/GT's.  GTS quarter panels are only one inch wider than S4/GT's but they look wider than that. 

Mounting 335's on the 18x12 Fikse wheels results in a net 27 inches  of rubber on the ground for the rear of the car.  (335's are 13.5 inches wide)  It dramatically improves traction, and the car feels much more sure footed while cornering.

Here are  pictures with the car completed new wider wheels installed....














Just to give you an idea how wide the tires are, here is a side by side comparison with a 275 series tire on the left with my 335 series on the right.  The 275 pictured is wider than stock.   Stock rear tire size was a 255 series which is narrower than my front tires.


Here is a comparison to a stock 255 tire.....


As usual I took a good number of pictures during the process.   The body shop was kind enough to let me be involved heavily in the process.

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