I have made several cosmetic upgrades, GTS Mirrors from 928 International, as seen below, and several leather upgrades.

Below, you can see the recovered armrest console, steering wheel, shifter handle & driver's door armrest and handle.

Here you can see the emergency brake handle.  I covered it in the same leather as above.

I had wanted to come up with a solution to cover up the drive gear indicators in the instrument cluster, to make the conversion less noticeable to the casual observer. A used 5 speed cluster sells for about 1K, and I did not want to spend the funds on that just to delete the drive gear indicators.  I got some industrial grade matte black vinyl from a sign store and cut it in a shape that would cover the indicators.  I also removed the bulbs, and covered the bulb sockets from the rear.  You can see it below.  It is actually less noticeable in the car.

Here is my 1st rough try at a rear wiper delete option.  I have removed the rear wiper, and I'm working on a blanking plate to plug the holes.

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