While the engine was out, I decided to upgrade the suspension.  With the engine removed, access to the upper control arms is almost too easy.  I completely removed the upper control arms, making it much easier to remove the strut assemblies.  While the upper control arms were out of the car, I re-lubricated the upper ball joint and replaced the boots.  I also replaced the lower ball joints, sway bar drop links,  and tie rod ends, with new ones, while I was in there, as well as a good cleaning evident from the picture below.  I decided about halfway through this project that when it is done, I don't want to have to dig in and replace any of the parts that I touched while I was upgrading everything else.  So I also installed a rebuilt steering rack. I also upgraded the following:


Polyeurethane swaybar bushings

Eibach Progressive springs

Externally adjustable Struts

Steroid Drop Links  

Ferrari F50 Front calipers

Brembo custom hat rotors

(click here to see stock)

Fikse FM-10 18x9 wheels, with 265/35/18

(click here to see wheel & tire)


Eibach Progressive springs

Externally adjustable Struts

Steroid Drop Links

993 TT rear calipers (modified)

993 TT rear rotors

Fikse FM-10 18x12 wheels  with 335/30/18



This was probably the most dangerous operation I have completed to date.  Spring compressors  demand acute attention, while following the normal safety guidelines.  No-one wants to wear a spring.

Block  Heads & VarioCam     MoTeC M48 Pro  Electrical  Cosmetic