For the exhaust I decided to go with headers and a full 3 inch exhaust.  After a failed attempt to purchase  a set on a rennlist group buy for the Devek level 2 headers,  I went with a set of very nice 928 International stepped headers with very high quality merge collectors.  I'm actually glad that the original group buy on rennlist fell thru because the 928 International headers are much better quality, and have a proper merge collectors.  Not to mention the 928 International headers are 1 3/4 inch primaries stepped to 1 7/8 inch.  This is the best header available for the 928 in my opinion......  Here are some pics of the headers uncoated.

I had to modify the headers to clear the factory heat shields.  Here is what the modified headers look like:

I will be getting them jet hot coated and the rest of the exhaust will be in 3 inch 304 stainless steel.  I also decided to try a different muffler and will be running two Borla XR1 Race mufflers. 

The X portion is made by Burns Stainless.

As you can see the Burns X is a work of art....

This system should flow quite a bit more than the previous version.

These headers were based on a set of headers that Mark Anderson of 928 International had made for his track car a number of years ago.  This track car had no rear AC, or heat shields.   They are sold as headers for track cars.  I wanted to rework them to fit into my car for street use.  I had to cut the ends off of all 8 of the primaries and reshape how they come together into the collectors, changing the angles and locations of the collectors.  I spent over 30 hours in 3 days just reshaping the last 6 inches of the primaries.  I also shortened the collectors which will give me more room for bends before my X pipe.

Here is a shot of the collector flanges from the rear.

I know they are not perfectly level but this is as close as I could get......  Notice they are tucked up into the factory path for the exhaust.... I did not want them hanging down too low......

Here is a pic of them from underneath.

In the above pic, I have the flanges bolted on for the exhaust.  I took this before starting to fabricate the exhaust.   I decided that working out at Bob’s place wasn’t very productive.  I bought a mig welding rig, and fabbed the exhaust up in my garage at home.    It was much easier to do this in bits and pieces of time at home.

Here is the X portion tack welded to the bends before the mufflers.  I've also already cut the angled bends before the X from the header flanges.  When I finally got around to it, the below piece took about 3 hours to make.

Here it is shaped and tacked together.  The only thing left is to have the entire exhaust tig weleded and polished....

Below are the components with the final tig welding done, and separated so you can see how the exhaust comes apart.

Above you can see the V band clamp flanges on the left (rearward end) and the typical 3 bolt header flanges.

Hows this for a custom beefy RMB?

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