This page is to detail the 5spd conversion process.  I followed in Dan Brindle's footsteps as found @ to modify the firewall.

 Here is the semi degreased 5spd tranny on an engine stand for inspection of gears, synchro's.  I plan to replace all seals and gaskets.

I removed the top cover and back cover of the trans.  It is not limited slip. So I removed the spider gear set that was attached to the ring gear.

Here is the limited slip without the ring gear and the bearings.

Below is a photo after I had installed new bearings, (just heat them on the stove and slip them on) and installed the limited slip without the ring gear and speedometer ring.  I had to to this to make sure the preload was correct.   Preload is the load placed on it by bolting on the side plates with the correct number of shims. With the side plates bolted on, the bearings are pressed in the their race's  You cannot do it with the ring gear on.  The race's were relatively easy to replace with the bearings.  I just put them on a stove burner, and heated, until the race could be lifted out.  Then the new bearing race is dropped in while the side plate is still hot.  Let the pieces cool naturally to room temperature.  I waited overnight.

The preload was good, so I removed it and pulled the bearing off one side with a bearing puller being careful not to ruin my new bearing, and installed the ring gear, and speedometer ring, and reinstalled the new bearing, by warming it up again..  I then installed the assembly again to check the play between the ring and pinion gear.  You must let these pieces cool to room temperature before trying to assemble!

There was too much play so I had to remove it yet again, and move several shims from the left side to the right side.  After checking again, it is within spec.  So then I had to remove the assembly again so I could put the new o-ring seals on the bearing carrier that you see bolted on the sides.  I have a new trans gasket set, so I will replace the seals and gaskets, and  put it all back together.  With the top cover off, I checked the synchro's with feeler gauges.  They were well within specs.

Converting to a 5 speed also highlights one other issue.  The instrument cluster for the automatic transmission 928 has the typical indicators to show what gear you are in.. I got creative with some commercial grade vinyl  from a sign store.


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