After removing the old box, and removing the sub and the amp, as well as my capacitor, I made cardboard template so I could cut a piece of 5/8th MDF to mount the amp and the capacitor to.  I also got a piece of 14 inch PVC pipe for my sub enclosure.  At 1st I cut a piece of wood to put in the bottom but that would make the sub stick up too far, and I want to make the raised floor as low as possible...

So I decided to make the bottom out of fiberglass... so I taped up the inside of the spare with duct tape....

then I placed in the PVC, and laid the 1st layer of resin and fiberglass cloth, let it cure, and this is what it looked like when I pulled it out... all the white lines are string from the duct tape... I later pulled them off, and put a nice smooth layer of resin over the bottom, sanded it smooth and covered it on black carpet to keep it from rattling on the spare tire.

I had already cut the pieces of MDF using the rear carpet set as a rough template...... it wasn't perfect, but it got me pretty close.  After trimming a little here and a little there, I got a very good fit. It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect as the carpet thickness will help fill in any small gaps.

Here you can see the general layout of the power distribution.

Then I measured the amplifier placement, and cut out the opening so it will show from above.

My next step is to lay several more layers of resin and cloth inside the sub enclosure, cut the pieces for the top of the sub enclosure, the sides and the front of the raised floor.  I can't cut those pieces until I know how high it will need to be... this is pretty much dictated by the sub enclosure.  I have decided to cover this enclosure in factory cashmere carpet. 

Here is the underside of the sub enclosure, covered in black carpet.

The subwoofer enclosure is complete and here is the 1st time I was able to get an idea of what my completed project will look like.

The speaker grill (a forged wheel center that matches my Fikse Wheels) will be lower with some more fitting, and should be flush with the carpet.  The amp is sitting a tad bit high in this mock up, and will be recessed a bit below the carpet level.  The enclosure will end up being a little higher than I wanted but I think it will work out ok.

With the seats down you can see the sub grill much easier......

As you can see from the top the grill is press fitted into place, and almost flush with the carpet.  I  made a panel to replace the tool tray out of MDF and carpeted it as well.

Both pieces are a very tight fit, and with the panel to replace the tool tray, to hold the rear down, it should be pretty safe.   I angled the front to match the seats & also allows for the seats to hold the pieces in place.

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