And what else do you need to help enjoy a car like this?  I added the ultimate sound system to my 928.


 I went with the Nakamichi MB 75 6 Disc in dash changer, (above) the Alpine 3342 EQ, (below) and the MRV-353F Amplifier, with a JL Audio 10W6 in a custom enclosure, pictured in phases below.  Speakers all around are MB Quart, with competition crossovers.

And here is the custom enclosure that I made after the 2004 OCIC.

As you can see from the top the grill is press fitted into place, and almost flush with the carpet.  I  made a panel to replace the tool tray out of MDF and carpeted it as well.

Both pieces are a very tight fit, and with the panel to replace the tool tray, to hold the rear down, it should be pretty safe.   I angled the front to match the seats & also allows for the seats to hold the pieces in place.

If you would like to see how I made the enclosure, click here

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