After getting the drive train and everything else the way I wanted I decided to do the interior.  I decided to have Paul Champagne redo all the leather bits.  I removed the interior sent it to Paul, and while it was gone, I installed over 100 square feet of sound deadening material on the doors, rear hatch area, and the floor pan of the car.  I then installed the new carpet set.  When I got all the new stuff back from Paul, here is how it looked after installation:

Here is a better close up of the seats.  You can also see the stainless door sill additions with the 928sg logo.

Here is a view of the audio equipment and the rear seat delete from the hatch area.

If you are curious about the construction of the rear seat delete it can be seen  Here .

Below you can see the reshaped door panel.

If you want to see how I modified the door panel, here it is.

As an added safety measure I incorporated the custom mounting of 2 Halon Extinguishers.

I have to say that these pictures don't do the interior justice.  I cannot describe how soft the leather is, or how good it smells.  Paul did a fantastic job.

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